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dc.description.abstractThis is an exploration into the environmental considerations of licensed premises in Edinburgh and how their key stakeholders impact on their ability to practise sustainably. The research has three main aims which are: to identify whether licensed premises in Edinburgh are aware of their impacts on the environment; to understand to what extent employees and customers can impact on the success of a business’s sustainable strategies; finally, to understand whether or not businesses must engage with their key stakeholders to become more sustainable. A qualitative method of data collection was used. Data was collected by conducting semistructured interviews with key stakeholders of bars in Edinburgh: managers, employees and customers. Conducting semi-structured interviews allowed participants to discuss issues in further detail whilst additionally providing the researcher with the flexibility to tailor questions for each respondent. Prior to the data collection, a literature review provided insight into previous research on the topic. The critical analysis of current literature on corporate social responsibility and sustainable development allowed the researcher to identify a gap in the literature. The study concluded a number of themes, contributing to the identification of stakeholder’s ability to influence licensed premises sustainable practices. This allowed the research to make recommendations regarding both further study and industry practice. Whilst employee engagement was evident in some participants, there was a clear divide between those who had once worked for a larger organisation; thus, identifying the need for further research into this area. The researcher also makes recommendations for smaller organisations to adopt the companywide goals that larger organisations practice to engage with their employees. Engagement of customers was also recommended as customers appear to be open to working with the businesses they use, yet businesses are reluctant to reach out to them.en
dc.titleAn Investigation into the Environmental Considerations of Licensed Premises in Edinburgh and how their Key Stakeholders Influence their Successen

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