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dc.description.abstractThis paper outlines and discusses the process that was followed to investigate a potential link between health consciousness and attitudes and behaviours, with the idea being that individuals who look after themselves may also practice the same attitudes and behaviours towards and in respect of the natural environment. The area that lacked current literature is the health consciousness when thinking about mindfulness, happiness and mental health. This gap allowed for, and encouraged, further research involving aspects of healthy lifestyles and environmentally sustainable behaviours. Existing literature looked into sustainability involving the natural environment which enables the reader to gain an understanding of the importance of sustainability as a whole and how mindfulness plays an increasingly vital part in all current and future sustainable development strategies for companies to use in their Four Pillars of Sustainability model. The nature of this study yielded a qualitative approach to data collection through semistructured interviews. This allowed for subjective, opinionated answers on individuals’ experiences and views to enable different perspectives on health consciousness, sustainable consumption, personal sustainability and environmentally friendly behaviours. Identifying themes from the data collection allowed for many conclusions to be drawn, although from this specific research there was no obvious correlation between health consciousness and attitudes and behaviours towards the natural environment. The paper did however produce an anomaly, finding that income can and does have an impact on an individuals’ actions in respect of the environment, regardless of knowledge and perceived attitudes.en
dc.titleAn Exploratory Investigation into the Relationship between Health Consciousness and Attitudes and Behaviours in Respect of the Natural Environmenten

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