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dc.description.abstractIn this research, the use of incentive and reward systems as a motivational method within the retail sector is investigated with primary focuses on the effectiveness of systems in place and the impact they have on both employee and employer. The primary aim of this research is to critically assess whether incentive and reward systems are a beneficial method for motivating employees within the retail sector. Incentive and reward systems are gaining global popularity with nearly every organization implementing some sort of incentivization to motivate employees. However, there is a negative stigma surrounding incentive and reward systems from researchers on the topic with most suggesting that change is required in order to make these systems beneficial to the employee. Unlike the vast majority of current literature, this research takes a qualitative rather than a quantitative approach and makes use of semi-structured interviews. Adding to the gap in the literature this research provides the opinions and perspectives of the five interview participants. From the results, it is clear that opinions go beyond what is covered in the literature with the divide as to whether incentive and reward systems are a beneficial method to motivation. With most systems lacking consistency and variation, employees grow tired of the underutilization of these systems. With such great potential to motivate employees these systems serve as a powerful tool however, change is required for the future of incentive and reward systems if employees are to reap the rewards.en
dc.title“An investigation into motivating employees in retail through incentive and reward systems”en

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