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dc.description.abstractBackground: Breast cancer related lymphoedema affects up to 41% of women after breast cancer treatment requiring lifelong self-management. The holistic practice of the Tripudio exercise technique may offer benefits to those living with breast cancer related lymphoedema and be incorporated into their self-management. The aim of this research proposal is to explore the experiences and perceptions of women with breast cancer related lymphoedema taking part in Tripudio classes through their narratives. This paper sets out a proposal of the trial. Methods and design: A qualitative trial will be conducted in Mid Lothian, Scotland with a total of 12 participants attending a one hour Tripudio exercise class. This intervention will run over the five weeks. The Tripudio exercise class will be facilitated by a trained Tripudio instructor. Tripudio is a system of movement to music that influences the lymphatic system, cardiovascular and connective systems in the body. It combines principles from manual lymphatic drainage, connective tissue release, gentle stretches and dance movements. The objectives of this study are to explore: the influence of Tripudio on lymphoedema related symptoms; the value of the group based nature of the trial on participants' recovery from breast cancer and living with lymphoedema; the attitudes to exercise of women with breast cancer related lymphoedema and Tripudio’s suitability for those with lymhpoedema. Discussion: The results of this trial will provide information on the suitability of Tripudio for women with breast cancer related lymphoedema. Providing feedback will allow for further development of the Tripudio technique by those facilitating the class. It will also report on women’s perception of exercising with breast cancer related lymphoedema.en
dc.titleTo explore the experiences and perceptions of women with breast cancer related lymphedema taking part in Tripudio exercise classesen

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