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dc.description.abstractThis Practical Study will discuss collaborative drama teaching approaches as inspired by influential educator, Dorothy Heathcote. The practical will take place in an Edinburgh Council Primary School with two classes of 7 to 8 year olds. The study aims to be an exciting opportunity for many pupils to experience drama for the first time. The pupils will work together and with the drama teacher as a shared learning experience. The drama lessons will include core curricular subjects and the pupil’s interests, their voices will be important to guide the improvised drama. We will play in real life or imaginary situations, which will help us to understand the world we share together. All pupils will have the chance to reflect on the process in open discussions and share their thoughts and feelings in pupil feedback sheets, commenting on the work of others and their own. The goal is that the drama lessons improve collaborative learning, provide a deeper insight into core subjects and create a pupil demand for drama to be continued as part of the curriculum.en
dc.titleCan Dorothy Heathcote’s Teaching Methods Improve Collaborative Learning in Primary Education? A Practical Study at an Edinburgh City Council Primary Schoolen

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