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dc.description.abstractThis research project looks at the relationship between South Asian’s and their involvement with community events. It also covers the topic of acculturation and looks at how the project’s participants have acculturated. The objectives of this research project is to discover the level of participation that South Asian’s have when attending local community events, to discover if their attendance impacts upon the individuals sense of belonging within the community and to identify what the self-defined impact that attendance has on the individual. The key findings from this project have found that there is a positive link between attendance at community events and the individual’s inclusion within the community. That the participants of this project all had more than one way of being involved with their community and community events. This research project also identified that the concept of dual sense of self as researched by Tummala- Narra et al (2014) and Netto (2008) does apply to adults, with this being presented in half of the participants of this project.en
dc.titleWhat is the impact of attendance at local community events upon individuals that identify as South Asian?en

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