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dc.description.abstractThe overarching aim of the study is to investigate the issues of space during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Edinburgh, and the impact on visitor perceptions and motivations. Although identified that space in Edinburgh when the Fringe is taking place is something that lacks substantial research, the study of festival motivations is something popularly studied. However, the abundance of quantitative studies that have been used to research motivation, has resulted in a lack of in-depth information due to the nature of this methodology. Therefore, by using a qualitative approach in this research study, more detailed and subjective responses were given. The use of semi-structured interviews gave the participants a more flexible and open-ended structure, where the ability to talk in-depth and freely is something desired for researching motivations and perceptions also. The data from the findings is analysed and discussed in relation to the key themes acknowledged from the literature. This allowed for links to be identified from previous research, and also emergent themes that arose from the findings also, with possible areas for further research highlighted. In alignment with the aim and objectives, the research effectively acknowledges the spatial considerations that Edinburgh has, with participant’s different and similar views on these. Furthermore, common motives were established between participants, and due to all involved in the study being from different countries, this use of alternate demographic allowed for a beneficial continuing comparison. This study is useful in establishing the need for space research, particularly in the case of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, in understanding the issues and how these may impact perceptions and motivations.en
dc.title‘Beyond the Fringes: An Investigation into How the Spatial Considerations of Edinburgh Can Impact Visitor Perceptions and Motivations to Attend the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.’en

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