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dc.description.abstractAbstract The aim of this study is to carry out an investigation into the motivational factors behind why individuals choose to attend music festivals. Upon understanding the different motivational factors, this study will also determine any themes that occur within the motivational factors and the data collection participants. This study will focus mainly on music festivals based within the UK, however some of the existing research is not purely UK based research. Over the past few decades, the events industry has become a widely researched field and is considered to be one of the fastest growing areas within the world leisure industry (Getz 1991, cited in Li and Petrick 2006, p. 239). However, because there has been ongoing and extensive research into festivals and events as a whole, the aim of this study is to investigate and compare the findings from the data collection to the previous research and existing literature. In order to test these, a mixed method data collection approach was taken. The two methods adopted were qualitative semistructured interviews and a quantitative research survey. There are 4 key themes emerging throughout this discussion such as; escapism, socialization, location and age. These themes will be explored with reference to key scholars such as; Getz (1991), Crompton and McKay (1997), Schofield and Thomson (2007) and Ralston and Crompton (1988). The data will be gathered and analysed to prove or disprove the arguments provided by scholars such as these. The respondents were targeted specifically based on their association with music festivals. The research survey provided an overall view into the motivational factors behind why individuals choose to attend music festivals, however the semistructured interviews allowed for a personal and more meaningful insight. The mixed method approach to data collection was useful to prove that the existing literature and past research is still relevant to date, although there are a few anomalies which will be discussed. Drawing from this, the findings will be explored and related back to the literature highlighted in the review. Furthermore, recommendations will be made for further research and the relevance of this field of study for event practitioners.en
dc.titleAn Investigation into the Factors Motivating Individuals to attend Music Festivals.en

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