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dc.description.abstractIn most cases, the menopause is part of the natural aging process and usually occurs at aged 51. The menopause is associated with symptoms that can negatively impact the lives of women. The menopause is likely to occur when a woman is in paid employment. Women experiencing severe menopausal symptoms may find it challenging to meet the demands of their employment. Workplace environments are not always aware of the needs of women experiencing menopausal symptoms in the workplace. The occupation of work is important as it is regarded as a meaningful and provides a means to make a living. The reviewed literature showed that there was a lack of research concerned with the lived experiences of menopausal women in the workplace. Research exploring the lived experience has the potential to uncover some of the complexities connected to this topic. The research proposal used an interpretive phenomenological design to explore the lived experiences of working women with severe menopausal symptoms. Semi-structured interviews were used to gain an in-depth understanding of the working experience. The research findings have the potential to inform occupational therapy practice, practice guidelines, policy, education and further research. This research could also be used to inform workplace policy.en
dc.titleTo explore the lived experience of the working lives of women with severe menopausal symptomsen

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