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dc.description.abstractBackground: The prevalence of elder people with cognitive impairment has been a significant issue in Hong Kong. Appropriate intervention may alleviate even prevent the progression of dementia. Moreover, policies are implemented which encourage the older adults to live in the community as long as possible. Centre-based occupational therapy services in community elderly care centres are important to help more for the community-dwelling elder adults with cognitive impairment to stay in community in Hong Kong. Process: The literature review aims to overview and evaluate the benefits of the documented centre-based programmes for the elder adults with cognitive impairment in the community in Hong Kong from five databases, and identify their potential contribution to occupational therapy knowledge, which hence supports the development of the scope of occupational therapy service in this area. The wider perspectives from the occupational therapist, as the service provider, is identified for filling the gap of the evidence of the service provision and development. Method: A generic qualitative design will be used aims to investigate the knowledge on the scope of current occupational therapy service and approach, the challenges and potential developments of community centre-based occupational therapy services for the elders with cognitive impairment in Hong Kong. In-depth individual video conferencing interviews will be conducted with 10 experienced occupational therapists working in the adult with cognitive impairment services in community elderly centre services in Hong Kong. It is hoped that the findings will provide evidence to support the evidence need for the provision of development of occupational therapy service for the elders with cognitive impairment in the community elderly care centre.en
dc.titleThe investigation of the current approach and challenge, and the potential development of delivering occupational therapy centre-based services for the elderly with cognitive impairment in community elderly care center in Hong Kongen

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