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dc.description.abstractPlay is recognised as a one of the most valuable early childhood occupations that children engage in for both their learning and development. However in the current twenty-first century, technology has influenced the way children are engaging in play especially within the home setting. With the increase in more technology becoming available to young children, there is a widespread discussion in relation to how this may effect children’s learning and development. Thus causing anxiety amongst many parents. The Scottish Government strives to address the needs of young children and support parents to give their children the best start in life through national policy and legislation. Therefore providing children and parents with early intervention and resources to ensure children can strive and succeed in future occupations. Occupational therapists recognise the importance of incorporating meaningful and purposeful activities into a person’s life. Paediatric occupational therapists aim to support children to develop skills in the areas of self-care, school and play which are recognised as children’s main areas of occupation. Through supporting children to develop their skills in play this can build upon children’s learning and development. Occupational therapists have the skills and knowledge to support children and families in recognising challenges and strengths that activities may have. Therefore with the widespread discussion about technology, it is important to ensure children use technology as a form of play appropriately. Therefore the programme proposal aims to address the health promotion of young children by developing a workshop for parents of nursery school children within Edinburgh. This will inform parents about technology and play in regards to children’s development and learning and address any anxieties parents may have. If successful, the desire is that the programme will disseminate across all nursery schools within Scotland.en
dc.titleDeveloping a workshop on technology and play for parents of nursery school aged childrenen

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