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dc.description.abstractOpportunities for inclusive play between disabled children and their typically developing peers have significantly increased since the international recognition of inclusive education. Despite so, disabled children tend to be excluded from play with their typically developing peers. In Singapore, an inclusive attitudes survey showed that disabled children enrolled in mainstream schools might not actually be included. The exclusion from play – the primary activity from which all children find meaning in – might hinder the development of the disabled child and possibly affect his or her well-being. Furthermore, as it is a right of every child regardless of abilities, exclusion from play reflects a form of injustice. In view of this issue, this research will aim to identify barriers and facilitators to inclusive play through exploring the experiences of disabled preschool children in Singapore’s first inclusive preschool. Prior to the research, a literature review will be conducted to examine literature that highlights barriers and facilitators to inclusive play. The findings of this research could potentially inform programme developers and policy makers to elicit relevant change to encourage greater inclusion of disabled children during play. Total Worden
dc.titleAn Exploration of the Inclusive Play Experiences of Disabled Children in an Inclusive Preschool: Barriers and Facilitators to Inclusive Playen

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