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dc.description.abstractThe literature available based around sport motivations is abundant, particularly when investigating into baseball and football games. The research on sports motivations is significant and growing, allowing for further studies to be conducted by researchers. The data is gathered to give event planners and marketers an insight into attendee motivations allowing them to target the correct audiences. Despite the growing predominance there is a definite lack of academic influence that exists in regards to rugby motivations. There is an emphasis in the need to address the gap in motivations in regards to home and away fans due to lack of theoretical sources. The research aim for this project is to investigate the key motivational factors of sporting event attendees looking at home and away fans at the Six Nations Championship’s (TSNC) and if there are differing motivational factors within various demographics. Secondary analysis was conducted, which established the key motivational factors of sporting event attendance, identifying a difference between home and away fans and a difference within age and gender demographics. In addition, the literature review allowed for the development of a scale of measurement for sports event attendance contributing profusely to the study. The primary research was undertaken by means of a questionnaire taking the form of a survey. It included quantitative data to provide opportunity for a statistical and feasible examination. The findings from primary analysis, in first instance agreed with literature in regards to home and away fans. The results showed opposing motivations for each group with home fans being influenced majorly by vicarious achievement and away fans being influenced by locational aspects and escape. Within demographics male and female participants were seen to have conflicting motivations, which was supported by secondary analysis. Within the age groups differing motivations were evident, however vicarious achievement was seen to be a main motivator throughout generations. The findings within the study led to a number of recommendations for future research and event planners considerations.en
dc.title‘A Comparative Investigation into the Key Motivations of Home and Away Fans at the Six Nations Championships in Edinburgh’en

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