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dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this research project was to investigate how community charities can achieve sustainable fundraising through engaging donors and stakeholders using events as the tool. A qualitative research approach was deemed the best for this project and was conducted through semi structured interviews. The participants were selected using purposive sample technique due to there being a correlation between the participants and the research topic. Interviews were carried out with Charity and Non Profit Organisation Managers, Charity Fundraising Officers, and Managers from other organisations affiliated with the Charity and Non Profit Sector. These interviews will provide different view points and offer a range of opinions on the topic at hand. Analysing and comparing the results against the literature review the outcomes of the study were clarified. Results indicate that charitable organisations through building up relationships with donors and stakeholders using events will encourage more long term donations. Consequently understanding the attendees motivations will lead to further participation. Results further indicate that it would be beneficial for charities to complete case studies of donors which will illicit feelings of value for the donor, and educate and inspire attendees. Developing further research into community engagement therefore the author has provided recommendations to this effect.en
dc.titleSustainable Fundraising: How community charities can achieve this through managing relations with stakeholders and donors using Eventsen

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