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dc.description.abstractThe researcher chose to investigate T in The Park’s site design and environment as accessible information interestingly implied that T in The Park’s site quality affected their event visitor experiences and the success of the event. The research aims to explore the extent a festival’s site design and environment affects attendee experience, event satisfaction, re-attendance and festival success by using T in The Park as a case study. In order to achieve this aim, the researcher critically reviewed literature on service quality, consumer satisfaction, behaviour intentions, event design and environment and event success theories, with specific reference to festivals. A qualitative methodology was conducted and primary research was collected through semi-structured interviews, involving participants who have attended T in The Park at Balado and /or Strathallan. The researcher practiced an adaptive grounded theory approach to analyse the collected data, following a thematic analysis to code data and identify key themes. The researcher analysed and discussed findings in relation to the reviewed literature. The research identified accessibility, facilities, hygiene, aesthetics, safety and value as key themes of event design and environment. The researcher found all themes to affect T in The Park’s visitor experiences, behavioral intentions and event success. Presenting 13 different key points of discussion on design and environment influences. The results of the study correspond with existing theoretical concepts identified in the literature review. Moreover, some of the research findings evidence new arguments challenging conflicting theories. The findings concluded that the quality of a festival’s site design and environment influences visitor experiences and event satisfaction. Resulting in either positive or negative behavioral intentions, which can further impact the success of an event.en
dc.titleAn exploratory study of the importance of event design and environment: A case study on T in the Park, investigating the festival’s site at Balado Airfield, Kinross and Strathallan Estate, Perthshire.en

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