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dc.description.abstractVisitor attractions are an important part of tourism industry. They provide motivation for tourists to visit the destination, as well as they have a crucial importance in terms of generation of income, employment and broader destination development. Visitor attraction sector and essentially its management is categorised as under researched area of study. Therefore, this research will investigate study of management practices and different approaches that visitor attractions in Edinburgh have in place and use. Particular management of visitor attractions research reviews and reflects on academic literature provided. This study represents the wider background of research topic and recognises the key management concerns appeared at visitor attractions. Using qualitative approach, the research identifies current management practices and its effectiveness of visitor attractions in Edinburgh. Also, the paper identifies challenges of current management situation in the sector, as well as limitations appeared in the process of conducting this study. Then, the research presents the results and findings from collected data, as well as discusses and evaluates the main issues. Finally, this paper gives recommendations for future development of visitor attractions and concludes the main subjects and values.en
dc.titleManagement of Visitor Attractions in Edinburgh: research of management practices for better tourism consumption.en

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