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dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this dissertation was to prove the importance of marketing for the business travel industry as well as identify marketing tactics, techniques and challenges. The research was based on Edinburgh’s corporate travel organisations. To meet the main aim of the project, three research objectives were identified, including: to critically explore previous studies and theories, identify marketing tactics, techniques and challenges and based on the findings, provide with the recommendations. To answer these key questions, the author analysed the previous investigations and conducted a primary research in a form of semi-structured interviews. Six participants working within the business travel industry were invited to take part in the research. The results of the discussion provided the researcher with essential information, new ideas and improved the understanding of the topic. By critically analysing the existing literature, the author obtained an important information from where 4 key themes were drawn: Importance of marketing, traditional versus digital, marketing techniques and challenges. The secondary findings also gave an excellent base for the further primary research. By combining collected data from both previous studies and primary research, marketing importance for business travel industry was proved. Additionally, it was identified, that MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions) companies would benefit from adopting both, traditional and digital approaches which could improve the business performance. Furthermore, the primary and secondary results recognised several efficient marketing techniques: Print, SEO, social media and email marketing. According to the existing theories, these practices were presented as important elements of the overall marketing strategy. The secondary findings were confirmed by the primary investigation. Lastly, marketing challenges such as high competition and continuously changing environment were recognised as the main marketing threats for the business travel industry. To overcome these challenges, the research suggests employing right marketing techniques, create an appropriate strategy and be as up-to-date as possible. The conclusion of this dissertation presents several recommendations aimed to provide useful information for business travel organisations in Edinburgh and not only.en
dc.titleAn investigation into the importance of marketing for the Edinburgh business travel organisations: Analysis of marketing techniques and challenges.en

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