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dc.description.abstractThis study aimed to investigate attitudes towards differences in career aspirations and salary expectations between genders from the perspective of potential employees of the hospitality and tourism industry. The research was based on Queen Margaret University students in this field. In order to achieve the primary aim, three main objectives were identified: critically analyse existing literature concerning gender inequality in general as well as concentrating on the hospitality and tourism sector; recognise the approaches towards salary expectations and career ambitions and distinguish possible differences between genders; identify and critically assess the reasons behind the gender-related issues and potential differences between female and male respondents. A literature review allowed a critical evaluation of the subject area which resulted in the identification of three main themes such as general knowledge and approach towards gender equality, salary expectations and pay-related challenges, as well as career aspirations and issues connected to career development. Subsequently, six interviews with QMU students were conducted, as well as an online survey directed to IHTM students. The conclusions drawn from the research study suggest that female and male students have an equal career and pay aspirations, contradicting the previous theories. Moreover, both genders believe the student’s aspirations and ambitions are not gender-based. However, research shows that the stereotypes and discrimination were mentioned as factors which could potentially influence a person’s career development. Furthermore, diverse opinion between females and males were identified concerning the theories on imbalanced self-confidence between males and females and career profession speed. Moreover, recommendations for future research were provided.en
dc.titleAn investigation into attitudes towards career aspirations and salary expectations between genders: based on QMU International Hospitality and Tourism students.en

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