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dc.description.abstractThis research aims to investigate the Corporate Social Responsibility engagement of Deloitte Bulgaria for 2017. In particularly it aims to analyze Corporate Social Responsibility engagement, initiated by employee values, in order to benefit society- “bottom-up” approach. The employee initiated causes were chosen by Deloitte as a CSR agenda to mark its 25th Anniversary in Bulgaria (Deloitte 2017). Deloitte Bulgaria was chosen for this research due to its renowned CSR involvement in Bulgaria. For its 2017 CSR agenda it took an even more interesting turn by funding employee initiated causes which are based on personal connection, please refer to section 8.1 for Appendix A on the 2017 CSR agenda from the Deloitte Bulgaria website. In order to make it happen, an internal competition took place for the determined budget (Deloitte 2018). All of the 250 Deloitte employees in Bulgaria had an equal opportunity to receive funding for their social projects. The entire campaign funded by Deloitte Bulgaria was called “Your initiatives. Our impact” and had chosen 7 out of 13 causes in the contribution of social change in Bulgaria (Deloitte 2018). Deloitte is the brand under which tens of thousands of dedicated professionals in independent firms throughout the world collaborate to provide audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk management, tax and legal services to select clients. (Deloitte 2017) Each initiative chosen is a philanthropic act for the society employees live in. The causes aim to develop the educational level and sport opportunities for children deprived of parental care; the caring of homeless animals; health and well being in the office environment of Deloitte employees; and support for cancer patients (Deloitte 2018). Using qualitative methods, data will be collected by sending out questionnaires by email to the seven main initiators of the causes and their stance on CSR involvement. The dissertation will first conduct a Literature Review which will use relevant scholars to support and further look into CSR engagement and employee values. The second chapter will include the necessary Methodology for gathering the research using a questionnaire, please refer to section 8.2 for Appendix B on questionnaire details, in order to gather data from participants. The third chapter aims to present and analyze the results gathered from the participants. Limitations and further recommendations for this study will be discussed in chapter number five. This research aims to portray the benefits of CSR engagement. Qualitative method will be used to gather data from the employees who directly initiate causes for CSR agenda of the company they work in. Values of the seven employees will be analyzed alongside the values of Deloitte Bulgaria, and the benefits they bring to the society they live in. Investigating “bottom-up” CSR involvement of employees and the shared values among participants and the company they work in would be beneficial to readers.en
dc.title‘Can organizations demonstrate shared values through supporting employee-led Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives’en

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