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dc.description.abstractThis study's objective was to offer a basic guide to the changes being brought in through the General Data Protection Regulations on the 25th of May 2017. With a focus on how these changes will affect theatre companies and some suggestions on how theatre companies can amend their business practices if necessary to navigate these changes. Using the methods of formal interviews, informal discussions, a small survey and utilising the presentations and teaching tools currently being used by solicitors who are carrying out training with companies to help prepare for GDPR. This research has shown there is a lack of clarity and an excessive amount of confusion leading to the arts being under prepared for these changes. In conclusion this research will offer a breakdown of the key points theatre companies should be aware of but it will also encourage readers to do their own research as the GDPR means that blanket approaches are now no longer good enough. Each business should be amended their data management practices to fit their business needs. There will be many avenues for follow up research after the GDPR comes into effect, but the arts must acknowledge that they fell behind and will hopefully use this lack of preparedness to act as an example for future legislation changes.en
dc.title“The effects of key changes being brought in under new General Data Protection Regulations on theatre companies and how theatre companies can navigate these changesen

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