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dc.description.abstractThis study seeks to explore a solo, untrained dancer’s experience of Pina Bausch’s rehearsal process. Bausch typically worked as choreographer alongside an ensemble of dancers. During her time working with Tanztheater Wuppertal she can only be seen dancing in two of their pieces, Café Muller and Danzon. Details of Bausch’s experience acting as both choreographer and dancer are not currently publically available, if even recorded at all. Therefore, the study seeks to take a unique look at Bausch’s rehearsal process, by focussing on the solo experience as opposed to the ensemble experience. In order to explore the question posed, relevant literature has been utilised to piece together a consistent process used by Bausch in her rehearsals, this process was then used as the basis for the practical research. The study is comprised of a written report and also a DVD to document the journey through the practical process. The report also includes the necessary alterations made to the process to allow it to be viable for a solo performer. Furthermore, the project provides an account into how thoroughly an untrained dancer can use movement to express themselves and how crucial the outside eye is to Bausch’s process.en
dc.titleWhat is a solo, untrained dancer’s experience of Pina Bausch’s rehearsal process?en

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