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dc.description.abstractThis dissertation explores the lived experiences of young adults in low-paid customer service jobs. Young people aged 18 to 24 years old make up a large percentage of individuals in the customer service industry and within this job there is evidence of experiences of stigmatisation and a lack of ambition to stay in this industry. There is recognition of this sector experiencing a low pay and a high staff turnover, which suggests a negative atmosphere surrounding the customer service industry. Adopting a structuralist sociological approach with a realist point of view, this research aims to gain more of an insight into each individual’s personal experience. Key findings in the research includes negative stereotypes of the type of individual in this industry; the mixed quality relationships with the workplace; and the lack of ambition to stay in the customer service industry.en
dc.titleAn Exploration of the Lived Experiences of Young Adults in Low-paid Customer Service Jobs.en

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