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dc.description.abstractThis project looks at the stigmatisation of parents that are raising a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder. From utilising semi-structured interviews this project was able to analyse the thoughts and experiences of individuals who have raised a child with Autism. A sample size of 5 participants were recruited for this project. Through analysing Goffman’s writings (1963) the project was able to grasp the negative emotions that many parents had attached towards particular public sectors, one of which was secondary school education. By adopting Goffman’s work, it was clear to see that particular fields such as education needs improvement to correctly facilitate children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Through conducting semi-structured interviews and utilising a grounded theory approach (Strauss, 1968) particular themes began to emerge from the data, in particular; stigmatisation, schools and facilities, barriers and the future. Captivatingly, the study found that further training would be beneficial for teachers within secondary education in order to provide the correct level of support for children with autism. Support services and play schemes such as ‘Number 6’ (that offer a safe area where children with additional support needs can go to socialise with others) should be viewed as a role model in which society and public fields such as education should follow, as many play schemes were talked highly of by all participants.en
dc.titleA Parents perspective: Autism, identity and exclusion.en

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