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dc.description.abstractMusic therapy has an increasing evidence base within the treatment of schizophrenia however it has been found that for there to be significant results the treatment needs to be longterm and of high-frequency. Such interventions as these are difficult to establish and maintain within an acute psychiatric inpatient setting where length of stays are often sporadic and short. As a result of this, very little literature shows what music therapy can offer a patient with schizophrenia within an acute psychiatric ward in particular reference to short-term treatment. This project explores the diagnosis of schizophrenia itself providing an overview of its physical and social characteristics and what impact they can have for someone diagnosed with schizophrenia. The project then seeks to explore current research for music therapy within the treatment of schizophrenia and also the use of its use within acute psychiatric inpatient settings. A single case was chosen from the data source in order to explore what an open music therapy group offered a patient during his time within the ward. The data was analysed through a process of interpretative phenomenological analysis and presented within a single-case study and discussion. The findings showed that for the individual, music therapy offered a sense of control, interaction with others and a space to reflect. This project highlights that music therapy within an acute setting can provide a means of expression, empowerment and facilitate interactions with others during what is a difficult time in a patient’s life. From this it can allow them to become active participants in their own recovery. Keywords Schizophrenia, psychosis, music therapy, acute, psychiatric inpatient and short termen
dc.titleAn exploration into what an open music therapy group within an acute psychiatric inpatient ward offered a patient diagnosed with schizophrenia.en

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