Recent Submissions

  • The cultural non-participant: Critical logics and discursive subject identities 

    Stevenson, David (Emerald, 2019)
    The existence of so-called non-participants are a cultural policy problem in the UK and beyond. Yet the very notion of a cultural non-participant seems nonsensical against the palpable evidence of lived experience. This ...
  • It's our environment: Two terms of SNP environmental policy 

    Hinde, Dominic (Edinburgh University Press, 2016-01)
    Under the SNP, Scotland has sought to develop a reputation for itself as a renewables powerhouse and a counterweight to the perceived anti-green Conservative party in Westminster. From the ‘Saudi Arabia of Renewables’ to ...
  • Northern Soul: Scotland's confused Nordicness 

    Hinde, Dominic (Department of Scandinavian Studies, University College London, 2014)
    The referendum on Scottish independence which took place in September 2014 has had far reaching implications for Scotland’s public life, how it regards itself and the way it interprets both its history and its future.
  • Our common, contested future: The rhetorics of modern environment in Sweden 

    Hinde, Dominic (University of Edinburgh, 2015-11-25)
    This thesis explores the creation and resolution of environmental conflicts in modern Sweden from a narrative ethics perspective. By problematising the concept of Swedish exceptionalism in environmental questions, it allows ...
  • Public interest communication: A framework for systemic inquiry 

    Johnston, Jane; Pieczka, Magda (Routledge, 2018-07-18)
    This chapter confronts the public interest showing it to be challenging both conceptually and practically. It discusses an overview of political theories of public interest and approaches which have emerged since the 1920s, ...

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