Recent Submissions

  • Synthetic phonics and the Phonics Check: The hidden politics of early literacy 

    Wrigley, Terry (Glendale Education, 2017-10-27)
    Let us be clear from the start: the issue is not whether to use phonics to teach reading. Phonics has been a central aspect of teaching children to read for centuries. Phonics is about linking sounds to letters, so it ...
  • The problem with randomised controlled trials for Education 

    Wrigley, Terry (Routledge, 2020-01-22)
    Terry Wrigley engages with Philpott & Poultney’s (2018) chapter on randomized control trials (RCTs), particularly the debates around whether they are a useful approach for informing teaching and school development. He ...
  • Rethinking poverty and social class: The teacher's response 

    Wrigley, Terry (Trentham Books, 2012-07-30)
    Forty years ago it was easy to believe that child poverty had disappeared from modern Britain. It belonged in the past or to distant places – images of Oliver Twist or African famine victims would spring to mind. It was ...
  • The politics of curriculum in schools [Policy Paper] 

    Wrigley, Terry (The Centre for Labour and Social Studies, 2014-04-16)
    This paper provides a review of curriculum change under successive governments, highlighting the damage caused by intensive ministerial control and the impact of political ideologies of neoliberal functionalism and ...
  • Predictive testing of young children: The delusions of ‘accountability’ 

    Wrigley, Terry (Radical Statistics Group, 2016)
    The latest addition to England’s heavily audited school system (Ranson 2008; Ball 2008) is the introduction of Baseline assessments as a starting point for ‘holding primary schools to account’ (DfE 2014a). This raises ...

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