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  • Evaluating impact from research: A methodological framework 

    Reed, M. S.; Ferré, M.; Martin-Ortega, J.; Blanche, Rachel; Lawford-Rolfe, R.; Dallimer, M.; Holden, J. (Elsevier, 2021-01-08)
    Background: Interest in impact evaluation has grown rapidly as research funders increasingly demand evidence that their investments lead to public benefits.
  • Human–equine tourism and nature-based solutions: Exploring psychological well-being through transformational experiences 

    Danby, Paula; Grajfoner, Dasha (SAGE Publications, 2020-12-09)
    This article critically explores insights into human–equine touristic experiences and acknowledges how such interconnectivity underline nature-based solutions (NBS) to mutually enhance psychological well-being. Despite the ...
  • The role of research in mentoring 

    Eady, Sandra (Routledge, 2020-12-29)
    In this chapter, the focus is on how mentors can make the best use of research in their work with beginning teachers. At the end of the chapter, the people should be able to: Explain why mentors should engage with research, ...
  • The importance of working with beginning teachers 

    Eady, Sandra (Routledge, 2020-12-29)
    This chapter identifies the importance of working with beginning teachers and builds on the ‘mentor as relationship builder’. Before considering how to work with beginning teachers, it is worth taking a step back to briefly ...
  • Right time, right place: The British Library’s Punk 1976–78 exhibition 

    Percival, J. Mark (Equinox Publishing, 2020-12)
    To mark the 40th anniversary of punk rock, the British Library ran a free exhibition and a series of associated live spoken-word events in the summer of 2016. Punk was always both outsider (rhetoric, sound, fashion) and ...

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