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  • Gamechanger: Harnessing football for social change 

    Irvine Fitzpatrick, Linda; Maciver, Donald; Dempster, Leeann; Forsyth, Kirsty (Emerald, 2020-03-11)
    Purpose The purpose of this paper is to present a case study of an intersectoral partnership that has taken place in Scotland (United Kingdom) entitled Gamechanger. The main idea of Gamechanger was for statutory, ...
  • Tactile discrimination, praxis and cognitive impulsivity in ADHD children: A cross-sectional study 

    Romero-Ayuso, Dulce; Maciver, Donald; Richmond, Janet; Jorquera-Cabrera, Sara; Garra-Palud, Luis; Zabala-Baños, Carmen; Toledano-González, Abel; Triviño-Juárez, José Matías (MDPI, 2020-03-14)
    Background: The study of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has traditionally focused on deficit of inhibitory control and cognitive impulsivity. However, the pathophysiology of ADHD has also been associated ...
  • The general self-efficacy of older adults receiving care: A systematic review and meta-analysis 

    Whitehall, Lucy; Rush, Robert; Górska, Sylwia; Forsyth, Kirsty (Oxford University Press, 2020)
    Background and Objectives: General self-efficacy (GSE) encourages health-promoting behaviors in older adults. It is unsurprising then, that older adults receiving healthcare services are reported to have a greater risk of ...
  • A mapping review of models of practice education in allied health and social care professions 

    Beveridge, Joanna; Pentland, Duncan (SAGE, 2020-03-03)
    Practice education is fundamental to pre-registration learning for many health and social care professions, yet finding sufficient opportunities for students is challenging. One-to-one student-educator pairings are common, ...
  • Outcomes for older telecare recipients: The importance of assessments 

    Woolham, John; Steils, Nicole; Fisk, Malcolm; Porteus, Jeremy; Forsyth, Kirsty (SAGE, 2019-10-30)
    Summary This article explores the role of telecare assessment, review and staff training in meeting the needs of older people living at home. Using original empirical data obtained from an online survey of English local ...

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