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  • Assistive technology and telecare to maintain independent living at home for people with dementia: The ATTILA RCT 

    Gathercole, Rebecca; Bradley, Rosie; Harper, Emma; Davies, Lucy; Pank, Lynn; Lam, Natalie; Davies, Anna; Talbot, Emma; Hooper, Emma; Winson, Rachel; Scutt, Bethany; Montano, Victoria Ordonez; Nunn, Samantha; Lavelle, Grace; Lariviere, Matthew; Hirani, Shashivadan; Brini, Stefano; Bateman, Andrew; Bentham, Peter; Burns, Alistair; Dunk, Barbara; Forsyth, Kirsty; Fox, Chris; Henderson, Catherine; Knapp, Martin; Leroi, Iracema; Newman, Stanton; O'Brien, John; Poland, Fiona; Woolham, John; Gray, Richard; Howard, Robert (NIHR, 2021-03)
    Assistive technology and telecare have been promoted to manage the risks associated with independent living for people with dementia, but there is limited evidence of their effectiveness. This trial aimed to establish ...
  • Editorial 

    Derrington, Philippa (SAGE, 2021-03-23)
  • ‘What’s the WiFi code in here?’: Connecting with adolescents in music therapy 

    Derrington, Philippa (Oxford University Press, 2019-06-06)
    Introducing the third section of the Handbook, which broadly addresses connectedness, music, and adolescents, this chapter focuses on the context of a secondary school in the United Kingdom for students with social, ...
  • Handbook of Music, Adolescents, and Wellbeing 

    McFerran, Katrina; Derrington, Philippa; Saarikallio, Suvi (Oxford University Press, 2019-06-06)
    The Handbook of Music, Adolescents, and Wellbeing explores how young people use music to work with emotions, identity construction, and connectedness, drawing on perspectives from music therapy, music psychology, music ...

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