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  • Health systems research in fragile settings 

    Ager, Alastair; Saleh, Shadi; Wurie, Haja; Witter, Sophie (World Health Organization, 2019-06-01)
    Population health indicators have improved in recent decades. Deaths in children younger than five years have declined from over 16 million in 1970 to around 5 million in 2016 and life expectancy at birth has increased ...
  • The myth of the 1-day training: The effectiveness of psychosocial support capacity-building during the Ebola outbreak in West Africa 

    Horn, Rebecca; O'May, Fiona; Esliker, Rebecca; Gwaikolo, Wilfred; Woensdregt, Lise; Ruttenberg, Leontien; Ager, Alastair (Cambridge University Press, 2019-05-07)
    Background - In emergencies and resource-poor settings, non-specialists are increasingly being trained to provide psychosocial support to people in distress, with Psychological First Aid (PFA) one of the most widely-used ...
  • Assessment of hypertension management and control: A registry-based observational study in two municipalities in Cuba 

    Londoño Agudelo, Esteban; Rodríguez Salvá, Armando; Díaz Piñera, Addys; García Roche, René; De Vos, Pol; Battaglioli, Tullia; Van der Stuyft, Patrick (BioMed Central, 2019-01-30)
    Background - To determine the prevalence of hypertension treatment and control among hypertensive patients in the Cuban municipalities of Cardenas and Santiago and to explore the main associated predictors. Methods - ...
  • Validity of hepatitis B and hepatitis C case definitions 

    Dakic, Zoran; Duric, Predrag; Fabri, Milotka; O'May, Fiona (Elsevier, 2019-02-13)
    Background: Globally, an estimated 257 million people are living with chronic hepatitis B (HBV) infection and an estimated 71 million people with the chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV). The true public health dimensions and ...
  • What, why and how do health systems learn from one another? Insights from eight low- and middle-income country case studies 

    Witter, Sophie; Anderson, Ian; Annear, Peter; Awosusi, Abiodun; Bhandari, Nitin N.; Brikci, Nouria; Binachon, Blandine; Chanturidze, Tata; Gilbert, Katherine; Jensen, Charity; Lievens, Tomas; McPake, Barbara; Raichowdhury, Snehashish; Jones, Alex (BioMed Central, 2019-01-21)
    Background - All health systems struggle to meet health needs within constrained resources. This is especially true for low-income countries. It is critical that they can learn from wider contexts in order to improve their ...

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