Recent Submissions

  • Accessibility, Inclusion, and Diversity in Critical Event Studies 

    Finkel, Rebecca; Sharp, Briony; Sweeney, Majella (Routledge, 2018-09-14)
    Most early social research into planned events had the effect of broadcasting narratives of dominant cultures and privileged groups. More recently, however, convergences of gender, sexualities, ethnicities, age, class, ...
  • Editorial: New insights on SMEs: Finance and family SMEs in a changing economic landscape 

    Seaman, Claire; Silva, Mauricio; Monferra, Stefano; Meles, Antonio (Emerald, 2019-03-14)
    Family businesses are the predominant form of business, across countries, cultures and geopolitical divides. In general, family businesses face a number of dilemmas where family and business intertwine and nowhere is this ...
  • Financing decisions of migrant family businesses: The case of a Ghanaian-owned shop in Kent 

    Boateng, Bernard; Silva, Mauricio; Seaman, Claire (Emerald, 2018-12-05)
    The analysis of new enterprise funding and the financial strategies once in operation has been usually associated to mainstream sources of finance for which there is a standard quantitative method of analysis that relies ...
  • Theorising director task performance over time: insights from capture theory 

    Farquhar, Stuart; Machold, Silke; Ahmed, Pervaiz K. (Inderscience, 2014)
    We develop a conceptual framework in which we show how a non-executive director’s task performance may change over their life cycle on the board. We adopt a three-stage process to examine the task performance of a non-executive ...
  • Board task evolution: A longitudinal field study in the UK 

    Machold, Silke; Farquhar, Stuart (Wiley, 2013-02-04)
    Research Question/Issue - Several studies have investigated the antecedents of board tasks but there are disagreements about the number of tasks, their content and how they are operationalized. Moreover, the question of ...

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